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    PrE 9 crashing at "encoding media" when burning to disc

    Mike Consol

      I am trying to burn HD video to disc.  The video is about 45 minutes with basic intro at beginning, 80 clips of a sporting event and highlight clips at the end.  It encodes menu 1 of 2 and 202 fine but is now crashing when it starts to encode media.


      I have a Dell XPS 8300 with Windows 7 Home Premium.

      Intel Core i7 - 2600 CPU @ 34.9 GHZ

      16 GB RAM

      64 bit OS


      1.7 TB of free space on disc


      I have a SONY camcorder that creates AVHD clips (had to upgrade to PrE 9) - recording at the lowest HD level to keep file size manageable