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    Can I adjust a video start point to a 1/2 frame?


      I am importing a video of a guitarist playing a fancy pants solo against a prerecorded audio soundtrack. THe video is in sync with the audio but I need to fine tune the video to get it to line up just so with the audio track since it is possible to see the lack of synchrony. It seems that at the highest resolution on the timeline, the frame I'd like to drag the video to is about 1/2 way between whatI need. If I start the video in one spot it is too early and if I move it the smallest marker to the right it is too late. Is there a way to fine tune the video so I can have it NOT snap to the frames on the timeline but between a frame.


      Equipment: Dell Studio 540, Win 7 64 bit, Quad CPU,  Q9650 @ 3GHz; NVidia GeForce GTS 240; Monitor: Dell ST2410 Audio: Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio