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    syncing audio

    Rama1234ish Level 1

      I have a flash video that has two scenes in it. On the timeline the audio syncs up with the video, but when I test the movie the audio doesn't sync up with the video. Can someone tell me how to fix this?

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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          We'll need much more information. Is the content an actual video that you have imported into Flash? Or, is the content visuals that are animated on the timeline and the audio is either voice or music that is placed in the timeline also? Or is it something else?

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            Rama1234ish Level 1

            The video is an animation that I created with flash. The audio is two differente songs.

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              robdillon Most Valuable Participant

              Flash composites the visual portion at runtime and decompresses the audio for playback when it loads, unless the audio is streaming. In your case, the audio is not streaming. This method of playback is more processor intensive than playing a digital video file. This means that your computer, or your user's computer has to do more work to play the visuals than it does to play the audio.


              If the visuals can't keep up with the audio, then you need to find a way to reduce the amount of work that needs to be done. This might be to reduce the frame rate of the movie, or reduce the complexity of the animation, or to change the pace of the animation by showing high rate animation in short bursts and then show some low rate animation. Give the processor a chance to catch up.


              Animating blocks of solid color is simpler than animating photos, animating small objects is simpler than animating large objects, animating 5 objects is simpler than animating 50 objects.

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                sinious Most Valuable Participant

                These days it's fine to stream a video. You may want to export your animation as a movie and combine the video and audio, then just display that video of your animation. The file size will get larger but the sync will be fine.


                You can never depend on a users machine to play back realtime rendered animation at exactly the perfect speed so syncing music to an animation perfectly in all system and browser combos is nearly impossible.