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    Strange start and toolbox

    Peter Villevoye Adobe Community Professional

      I really like the Photoshop Touch app !

      It is really a beauty for a very moderate price.

      At a trade show, I showed it to many visitors,

      and they were all suprised it only costs € 8...


      But two aspects kept baffling most users:


      The awkward secondary "startup screen".

      Why the need for the two buttons at start-up:

      1. "Tutorials" & 2. "Tutorials and Projects" ?


      The shuffling of (selected) tools in the toolbar

      is still unclear and confusing to most novices.

      Is there a way to present them more logical ?

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          David__B Adobe Employee

          Hi Peter,


          Thank you for the feedback and suggestions.


          I think the difference between the two options at the startup screen are, one is just the tutorials and the second is a "wizard" style process that walks a user through creating a new document. I can see how it can be confusing with both options having the tutorials option though.


          The toolbar toggle behavior between all tools and options for a  selected tool can take some getting used to when first learning the app, I agree. I think it was done this way to make the most of the limited screen space due to tablet screen sizes.


          I'll ensure the feedback is shared with the development team. If you have ideas how the app could work differently or in a way which is user friendly in these two respects please post them as ideas in the ideas section (one idea per thread).


          Thanks again,