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    Project and settings for GoPro HD Hero2 960p 48fps

    kaythirty Level 1

      Complete beginner here and still currently on trial version of PE 10


      I have several hours of footage taken with a GoPro HD Hero2 at 960p 48fps (mp4) and am trying to create my first movie

      Output would primarily be for online viewing  (YouTube/ Vimeo etc ) followed by whatever format is best for viewing on PC and iPad


      - am happy to clip it to 720p ( once I've worked out how), yet not necessary


      Could someone point me towards the best project settings to use when creating my first project?  I dont see a 48fps option, yet not sure whether that is relevant ev


      Many thanks


      If you need any more info before being able to help, jsut let me know. The footage looks great in its raw form