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    How change user interface language?


      I have Adobe Premiere Elelements 10 BOX (non english version (polish)).


      1. How to change/switch user interface to English,

      2. How to use non english characters, like óśćżą during typing?


      Can i download from adobe web page trial of Adobe Premiere elements 10 english, and install it as trial, then signup witch my serial number?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          The language is selected when you install the program. To change it, I believe you'll need to uninstall and reinstall it.


          As for those characters, are you using a non-English keyboard? Many European keyboards support those characters.


          In my books, I show you how to create non-standard characters using Alt key combinations. (Hold down the Alt key, type in the three-digit number and, when you release the key, the character will appear.) Here's a site that list a larger number of those Alt key codes.



          And, yes, you can install the trial and, once you have the serial number, you can register the product.

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            tjkalinowski Level 1

            It is OK, i can uninstall and reinstall again. [OK]


            I am using non-English keyboard. For example, when i open Notepad, and in empty document press ALTgr+O i have ó letter. But then i open Adobe Elements and then edit text, ALTgr+O do not work. Notching happend after pressing keyboard. Do you know how to correct it? Do i get "ó" letter after installing Polish language Adobe Elements?


            How to have both, English version and ALTgr+O working?

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Are you on Windows, or Mac?


              If Windows, then you can use Character Map to choose the exact ASCII characters, that you need. Not sure what the Mac has to do the same as Character Map, but it's bound to have similar. There are also some add-on utilities, that allow one to use all possible ASCII characters.


              You can also use the Alt+numeric keypad for most ASCII characters.


              I also use my wordprocessor for Multi-national characters, and then Copy/Paste into Titler.


              Good luck,



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