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    Rendering problems, trying to get render done before film fest deadline!:)


      I have two computers and I still am having trouble getting them to properly render a 2.5 hour clip.


      My desktop takes the space where some of the titles are, and turns that space into a frozen clip of the footage preceding it, then shows the title for 2 seconds.


      My laptop says I think it was "serious error" on a certain part of the timeline when I try to render it seperately. It may have to do with some clips the computer always puts as offline then remembers where they are and then sometimes forgets again.


      I managed to get a full render, by doing it in short clips (using the best from each computer then combining them. But the computer has shrunk almost half of the clips so they are smaller size boxes surrounded in black .


      We tried codecs, importing into another file, and different ideas. But premeire keeps finding new bugs! The specs for the laptop are at the bottem. Any ideas on how to stop it eating titles especially would be appreciated!





      • Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 - 5.5.2
      • Windows 7 X64
      • Codecs: (Name - Codec - Container)
        • H.264/MPEG-4 - AVC1 - MP4
        • MPEG-4 - mp4v - MP4
        • XvID ISO MPEG-4 - XVID - AVI
        • MPEG-2 - MPEG2 - DVD "VOB" Format
        • BI-RGB Raw Bitmap - (_RGB) - AVI
        • H.264 - avc1 - .MOV
        • AVCHD .MTS (Panasonic GH2 --- the codecs above are all from the internet)
      • Shark 007 codecs are installed
      • HP Pavilion dv6 Quad Core, 1 7200RPM Hard drive, 8 GBs of RAM
      • Computer crashes when rendering out over 5 minute segments on timeline.