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    One PC, Two Kobo readers


      Have Digital Editions installed on PC. Am trying to connect to 2 Kobo e-readers under 2 different accounts. Have set up 2 PC users and 2 Adobe IDs. Can't get Digital Editions to recognise second discrete user. Help :-) *

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          True statement.  ADE will not recognize two different users on the same PC

          or MAC.



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            Jim_Lester Level 4

            Almost - ADE will not authorize to more than one AdobeID on the same Operating System ( ie Windows) User.  If you want to use the same PC you will need to create a Windows User for each AdobeID that you want to use.  (this will manage each library seperately - no sharing between them).

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              KeithKiwiNZ Level 1

              Thanks Jim, at least that gives me some hope :-)


              For each of the two users (myself and my wife) I have:

              * created a separate windows userid with its own email address

              * created a separate AdobeID under each email address

              * registered a Kobo under each email address


              When I log on ADE is open under my AdobeID

              When I switch windows user to my wife's account and open ADE, it still opens under my AdobeID.


              How do I go about changing ADE under my wife's windows account to open under her AdobeID, while still be able to use ADE under my AdobeID in my windows account?

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                Jim_Lester Level 4

                Something doesn't sound quite right with your description - just in case instead of a 'Fast User Switch' you may want to log out and log in as your wife to see what happens.


                But assuming for now you authorized using the same AdobeID under both accounts - then deauthorize ADE on your wife's account (Ctrl-Shfit-D), and then reauthorize using your wife's AdobeID.

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                  KeithKiwiNZ Level 1

                  Thanks Jim


                  Yes the problem was that I had initially authorised both devices using my AdobeID.


                  Deauthorising as suggested worked a treat.


                  Many Thanks