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    Why won't PP CS5.5 play clips


      Hi, I just installed premier pro cs5.5 trial version on my mac.  When I import clips, both .avi and .mts and drop them on the timeline they won't play.  When I click the play button it plays them for approx. 1 second or less and then stops.


      I can scrub through them but no matter where I try to play them from it still only plays them for a second.


      The files play fine if I open them with quicktime.


      They also play fine if I open them with Final Cut Pro.


      I would prefer to use Premiere Pro since I have been using it previously and it handles .mts files better.


      I have a Macbook Pro 3.06 Ghz Intel core 2 duo, 4 gb ram, Mac OS X 10.6.8

      I have downloaded and installed the latest updates from Adobe.