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    A Little Help

    Syed A.Ali S

      Dear all,   

                i wanted to create a port mapper in flex. th port mapper will show dynamic state of switch.if a port goes down it should blink red otherwise it should blink green meaning port is up. it draw number of ports of the switch at runtime. switches ports will vary so it will draw those ports at runtime. Now if port is clicked it should take it to a detail page where its data is shown that how much it bandwidth is it consuming and things like that.

      Guide me what apropriate objects should i use to provide this fucntionality. the blinking and dynamically drawing funtionality. and when clicked upon a crtain port action should occur.




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          saisri2k2 Level 4

          http://blog.flexexamples.com/2010/08/13/creating-blinking-text-on-a-spark-richtext-control -in-flex-4/


          Based on this you can create a <s:Rect component to draw a rectangle color which blinks. replace it with the label element that is used in the example.


          Based on the requirements you'v given here. I would use the <s:List component to show the list of the ports, since each list item should have a button to show the details I would use Itemrenderer for showing the custom list item. When the user hits the button in the list item it has to take me to the detail screen for this I would use states, in state 1 i would show the list in the state 2 I would show the detail, Since the items are supposed to be updated at run time without polling, I would use blazeds or sockets for runtime update to the list items.

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