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    Smart Guides, Constrain Proportions and Resizing an Object.

    Dougefresh091 Level 1

      When I have Smart Guides on and I'm trying to resize an object while holding shift (to constrain) Indesign seems to ignore the shift key. Usually when there's other objects in close proximity, or just closely aligned, vertically or horizontally. The image I posted is a good example. Trying to resize the bracket object while near all those other objects results in a lot of skipping around, and constrain not working. You can see in the image the outline is not constrained, even though I'm holding the shift key. It just wants to jump to those Smart Guides regardless of what I'm trying to tell it to do.


      This isn't much of an issue, but basically I'm wondering if this is a bug, or if the Smart Guides, just take priority. It's bit annoying turning smart guides on and off constantly to accomodate this odd behavior. Does anyone have any insight on this?