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    No files opened in Acrobat X when opened via JavaScript (as ActiveXObject)


      Hi together


      In a web application (ASP.Net) we developed, the customers may open, edit and save pdf files. The files are stored on a network drive which is connected over a vpn tunnel. To edit the selected files, Acrobat is opened by a JavaScript from within our application. Then the needed documents are opened in Acrobat. This web application is in use by various clients since about 6 years and worked without problems with Acrobat 5 - Acrobat 9 (all Pro versions). However, in Acrobat X Pro no documents are opened (Acrobat itself is opened but just as an empty window).


      The JavaScript to open Acrobat and the files looks somehow like that:


      objAcro = new ActiveXObject("AcroExch.App");


      objDoc = new ActiveXObject("AcroExch.AVDoc");



      Thank you very much for your help.


      Kind regards



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          Sabian Zildjian Level 4

          This boarders on a development question but it's likely that this is running into an issue with Enhanced Security, Crossdomain Security, or Protected view.  Try a couple of things:

          -  As a test, turn OFF Enhanced Security and run the applicaiton.  Does it work?  If so, then turn Enhanced Security ON and then try adding the location of the temp file to the Privileged Locations

          -  Turn ON the Crossdomain log and run the application.  Check the Crossdomain log and see if you find errors.  If you do find errors then it's likely that it considers the location not approved and you know where the problem lies.

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            BeeTomTom Level 1

            Hi Sabian


            Thanks for your hints. You pointed me to the right direction. I managed to open and edit the pdf files now, but it's not really very handy for everyday use. With the following settings, the documents are opened:


            - Enhanced security is switched on (files are not opened if switched off)


            - Protected view may not be set to off


            - I entered the url and the \\server\share where the documents are stored to the trusted sites


            So far, so good. But for every single file which is opened in Acrobat, I have to click the "activate all functions" button to be able to edit the files. This is not realistic in production because users edit more than 100 documets a day...


            Do you know if there is a possibility to confirm "activate all functions" once for all documents opened from trusted sites?


            Thank you for your efforts.