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    Is Volume Control or Loading Information Supported in iOS?

    The Almighty Egg

      I am working with an OSMF-based player that is deployed to web and mobile platforms. The player uses StageVideo. However, in iOS, the player's volume control has no effect, and the loading bar does not appear. I am unable to locate any documentation indicating that these features are unsupported. The AS reference does not mention any caveats for this platform for the relevant properties and methods, and I have found no one else talking about it. So I am asking:


      Can the volume of a progressive H.264 video be adjusted via the OSMF MediaPlayer.volume property? Can it be adjusted by any means?


      Can the download progress of a progressive video be found by the MediaPlayer.bytesLoaded property? The player does not appear to be dispatching the [LoadEvent.BYTES_LOADED_CHANGE] event, but I have not verified if the actual property is being updated or not.


      Help would be appreciated.