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    How do I resolve HC3025 error "Topic ## of abc.rtf Jup to undifined topic ID: "<topic name>"?


      I'm running RH8 for Winhelp.  this is a VERY old help project that's been updated many, many times over the years, but previously with no issues.  I compile the project and the Error wizard shows several HC3025 errors, jumps to undefined topics.  When I look at the resulting compiled help, the jumps to these topics are gone (broken?): "topic does not exist".


      But, in the help project, i can do a Preview and the jumps appear fine, at least I get the window that says the there will be a link to topic x once the project is compiled.  The topic IDs do exist, and they exist in the map file.  but, in the map file, there are several map IDs preceded by a blue question mark.  I don't know what that means, but it may be significant.  Each of those topics also has a map # assigned.


      How do I get RH to recognize the topics in the compiled help?

      Thanks.-david s.