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    <mx:HTML - view web-app containing pop-up windows

    jacograaff Level 1

      I am building am AIR-app using the mx:HTML component


      I am extending an existing web-based CRM system (sugarCRM) by embedding the main web-interface in a mx:HTML-component. In this way I have a "desktop" app highly customized with other flex-based-controls running right next to the CRM - and able to interact with it.


      One problem - sugarCRM makes use of pop-up windows for some critical screens (loading another  list of selectable content in another browser pop-up window for instance). This simply does not work in the mx:HTML component.


      Now before I spend a lot of time trying to test whether this is a limitation of using mx:HTML - I thought someone on this forum have experienced this issue before.

      It makes sense since the web-application is not running in a regular web-client with the ability to allow you to open new windows with content.