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    2nd video card question

    jkosmicki Level 2

      I currently have a GeForce GTX 470 in my system.  If I add a 2nd Nvidia card to use for 3rd monitor output (not any GPU operations), does it need to be another GTX 4xx series, or would a GeForce 8400GS work? I realize both cards need to use the same drives, and both the GTX 470 and 8400GS use the same driver download from Nvidia, but I don't know if the download (currently GeForce 295.73 driver) have different physical drives for the 2 cards.

      Thanks for any input.

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          JEShort01 Level 4

          You are correct that if both cards use the same video driver you will be OK. And, if nVidia's site has you downloading the same file to install the driver with, yes it will be the same physical driver.





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            For the record,, I had a Quadro FX1700 on my system, and I added a GTX 580, udpated the drivers and voila!.

            Now, the only thing you have to be careful is that Premiere (and other software) seems to use by default the first card listed in the system (so your premiere perfrmance might be affected and you might think adding a better GPU didnt do anything for you because premiere only use one GPU for CUDA and it will try to use the first one on the system),, so, on the Nvidia Control Panel, under Manage 3D Settings, make sure that you are using the right GPU for CUDA with premierepro.exe (dont select "ALL", but force the good one instead)


            It happened to me,, save yourself about an hour of frustration.




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              jkosmicki Level 2

              Thanks for info! I will try the 8400GS and tell you how/if it works.