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    Trouble Duplicating Text Layer


      Right now I'm working on a text animation for a project and I just ran into some trouble while duplicating similar layers. The word drops into the screen then slides off, nothing too complicated. It has been behaving just fine, but now when I duplicate the layer and move it to the correct time on the timeline. The word is invisible up until right before it exits the screen. I've moved the layer to different parts of the timeline where previous layers exist and work, and then it works, but it doesn't work where I need it to be. Is that part of the timeline corrupted or something? How can I fix this?

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          bogiesan Level 4

          The timeline is not corrupt, it is a simple user error. Could be a transparency issue but more likely you are just not moving the keyframes along with the layer. Without looking over your shoulder or knowing anything more about what you're doing than what you've provided, no way for us to know.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            What bogiesan said. You screwed something up, but without seeing the setup there's no way for anyone to advise. could be some keyframe, could be a broken expression (if it's based on an animation preset), could be a million other things. A screenshot might help...



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              jmfisherr Level 1

              My teacher figured out the problem. Since the type layers were 3D, for whatever reason when I was duplicating the layers the type started behind my background layer then came through it. I tried to give you gifs yesterday, but this site doesn't support them. Anyways, thanks...