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    managing characters

    Julien Deka

      Hi everyone,


      I'm new at Story. I used Celtx and Word a lot, but I thought it would make more sens using Story since my all post-production workflow is based on Adobe software.


      I went over the help menu, the forum, and I cannot find how am I supposed to manage characters in Story. And the software itself is not really intuitive about that.


      I created Character bios. How do I link those bios to characters in my script ?


      I created also a list of characters in the Manage Lists button...  Did not see how to link it to the script, even if I clicked "Assign"... For now none of my character is speaking, I'm working on the narrative structure before to get into the dialogues.


      In the scene properties panel, I can see something called Characters, with a "Detect" button that does not detect anything for now, and I didn't understand how it is supposed to work... I'm typing in names for now, but I'm not sure that the software understands what I'm doing as usable metadatas. Well I think I'm not doing what I'm supposed to do   I saw on adobe TV that there should be color dots in the outline, telling me which character is in which scene... But even when typing name in the Properties panel, there is no color dots in the outline (which confirms that I'm not doing it properly.


      Then there is also the tags panel, which has a button called character... Once again, I don't get it, it didn't let me type names in theis section, it just says that I have this number of characters in the scene...




      Also: how can I upload pictures in the infos of the charcters to share with my co-writers...


      Well I think the big question is: how do I manage characters in this app... I usually get Adobe software pretty quick, but I'm totaly clueless on that one... Thanks in advance for helping

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          Rashi-Story Team Adobe Employee

          Hi Julien,

          Below are answers to some of your queries :

          • Creating lists and assigning them to a project will automatically assign the list to all the scripts in that particular project. Also now you can upload pictures in the character list itself. These will also be shared with your cowriters once you share the project with them.
          • Clicking on 'Detect' will detect the non speaking characters (charcters without any dialog in the scene) if the charcter is present in the corresponding character list. These charcters will then appear in the character dots too.This too is a feature added in this release itself.

          For detailed information on the newly added features please refer the release notes in  help document.

          As of now you cannot link character bois to the characters in script. This is a feature in our backlog and we will get there as soon as possible.


          Do let us know in case you need any more information.



          Rashi - Story team

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            Julien Deka Level 1

            Hi Rashi,


            thanks for the answer. I think those improvements are heading toward the good direction.


            For the character pictures:

            It could be nice to be able to use pictures from our internal drives, not just url. Then Story could upload it online to share with the other co-authors and reviewers. Maybe it will be available as part of a cloud service from Adobe, I don't know. For now, I need extra steps: I need to go out of Story, use other softwares to upload images somewhere and to get there url... It breaks the flow a bit in my opinion. But as I said, I think at least it is great to be able to add pictures now. linking averything to the Bios (this is moreover the place where actually you should be able to link/upload pictures) is going to be great for managing projects.


            Dots colors:

            now way to manage which color for which character for now? In my current script, the Bad Guy dirty serial killer is pink, and the demoiselle in distress is blue. Not a big deal, but our brain kind of associate more easily colors to some type of characters, and in this case it is a bit confusing.


            Dots colors:

            so the software is detecting everything on his own. No way to tell him that he is wrong? My script says: "their is a picture of Stephen and Christina in the kitchen"... Story detects their presence in the scene, but really they are not. You don't want the actors to show up on that day. Then some actors are actually in scenes where they are not detected.


            Scene properties:

            there is few sub-panels here (synopsis, note, budget,...) including characters... I tried to manually write characters here, but it did not interacted with he dots colors detection... What should be the use of this panel? What is it meant to do?


            Thanks for answering the questions, and for keeping developing this tool. I think it still misses major features to really turn it into THE pre-production software, but I don't think it is that far.


            More than "just" a writing tool, I think story could be a whole pre-production software à la Scenechronize, where art directors, DP, producers, creatives, director assistant everyone could be able to share content, pictures, links, references, spread sheets, from casting to set location...


            I'm just saying this because I can see the benefits of Stroy being able to communicate with Premiere. From writing to post-production. Great. But there is few steps in between: pre-prod and prod, and I think Story can fill the gap.


            Anyway, just a bunch of thoughts... Thanks for listening.