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    PopUp window hiding

    Mirza Asim Level 1
      I opened a popup window with modal=false using PopUpManager. I want to hide this window, the moment i hide some other UIComponent (lets say a Canvas). Ofcourse, its very easy if I do it myself at the hide event of Canvas. But, I want the same behaviour as the Canvas's children have. I mean when i hide Canvas all its children hide automatically.
      I tried it by make the Canvas as parent of popup window. But its not working.

      Thanks in advance
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          slaingod Level 1
          There is probably a better answer, but you can always create your own popup class with just a normal canvas, and copy in the CloseEvent handling, etc. from the SDK. You would need to add it at the bottom of your application mxml file so cover other controls using this.parentApplication.addChild() or similar, but when you opening it you could add a listener to a particular canvas or set of canvases hide events. Ie. set the parent which you would then add a listener to, or even take an array of parents and do the same.