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    Elements in my Flash CS5.5 animation are showing up beyond the edges of the screen.


      I'm a student working on a class project using the trial version of Flash Pro CS5.5. I will be purchasing the suite in two weeks but for now I'm limited to the trial (which should have all features).


      I created a stage that is 800 wide x 600 high. My animation elements move from off-screen left to off-screen right and in other cases stick off the edges.


      The problem is that if the display window is stretched/expanded, the animation stays the same size and the elements become visible in the areas beyond the stage.


      I went into Publish Settings, and set size to pixels 800x600. Modify document reflects the same settings.


      I need to set it in such a way that if the viewer grabs the corner to change the size of the window, the areas past the edges of the screen are just black without the off-screen elements.