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    LR 3.6 & now CS5 have begun showing "communication error" either before printing or about 1/6 way th

    Richard Clary

      LR printed okay for about 1/2 of a job (~300 prints) I have and then this showed up. To finish I have had to "edit in CS5" now for a few days, thusly one image at a time and no info printed on the print either. After 2 days of printing good in CS5 it too began the dreaded "communication error".


      I find not one mention of this in the forums using that as a search entry.


      A bit of info.  This did not happen until 2 weeks back.  I spent days proving that the printer is "communicating" just fine.  New cables, other programs etc. The printer driver has been reloaded dozens of times.  The machine has been rebooted daily. 


      I do not think it has any relevance however,

      EVGA 655 MOBO

      i7 860 Intel

      16 G ram Corsair

      EVGA GTX275 video

      Open GL is enabled in Preferences in CS5



      Printer is Epson R1800.  Epson drivers installed.


      LR is 3.6 w/ all updates


      LR4 beta is on the machine but not what I try printing from.




      In some few non adobe forums I see some persons w/ the same issue but, the answers are obviously from people w/ litle knowledge. 

      One forum mentioned it may be something to do w/  default margins however, I see no way to even know what that may be.  The reading seemed to me to imply that resizing could not be done.  Hard to believe that one.