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    Problem with multiple requests to different servers using HTTPService




      I'm aware that we are limited to two concurrent connections to a single host, so I'm looking into using either subdomains pointing to the same server, or separate physical servers to process multiple requests side-by-side.


      However, whichever way I try to send three requests, looking at the Network Monitor the 3rd request always waits until one of the first two has finished. In the screenshot below, all three requests were sent at the same time to three separate physical servers, yet the top request didn't start until the bottom request finished, at 15:33:28


      httpservice network monitor.PNG

      Any ideas how to get round this? I'm using SSL, but I've also tested it on HTTP with the same results. I'm writing an AIR app, and posted this on the AIR forum but was told it was a Flex issue and I should post it here.


      Please let me know if any more information is needed


      Many thanks