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    Installing Flash Player... Please Help




      I continue to have difficulty installing flash player on my computer and am out of ideas.  I'm running Windows 7 on my computer and have tried installing flash player for both Internet explorer version 9 and firefox version 10.0.2.  In both situations I have previously been able to download the installation ".exe" file successfully but once I try to complete the installation I can only get to 12% completion before it either times out or I get an error message saying "cannot contact reliable source".  I have researched both issues through the forums and tried the various solutions out there currently, including downloading from the adobe labs and running the uninstall program.  I am not able to download the uninstall at all (again both in internet explorer and firefox and from the various sources posted throughout the forums).  I have also checked my host file to confirm that I do not have anything blocking adobe downloads and have tried disabling my firewall to see if this would allow the installation to complete, again to no avail.


      Does anybody have any further suggestions?  I previously was running flash player without any issue, but once I uninstalled the old version to download the update nothing was working.  Thanks for your help.