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    <cfexchangeconnection />


      I haven't been able to get this to work on Exchange 2010 SP1 yet.


      Right now the error I am getting is "Exchange Server doesn't support the requested version".


      Any advice?

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          PaulNibin Community Member



               Could you post the code that you are using for connecting to the Exchange server?




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            PaulNibin Community Member



            Make sure to specify the attribute serverversion="2010" while creating the exchange connection.

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              Tim Cunningham-ACP ACP

              M. Cummins,


              According to the release notes, if you do not specify the details Exchange 2007 is the default.


              There are two ways to specify what version of exchange to use.


              1. In the CFApplication tag in your application.cfc you can specify exchangeServerVersion="2010"


              2. At the tag level in any of the cfexchange tags you can add serverVersion="2010"



              Try that and let us know if it works!




              Tim Cunningham

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                M.Cummins Community Member

                I had already specified the server version.  This is the code I am using for my test:


                          connection = "monitoringBackups"
                          server = "fqdn.server.net" 
                          serverVersion = "2010"
                          protocol = "https"
                          action = "open" 
                          username = "username" 
                          password = "password" 
                          connection ="monitoringBackups"
                          action = "get" 
                          folder = "Inbox" 
                          name = "allMessages" 
                          connection = "monitoringBackups"
                          action = "close" 
                 <cfdump var="#allMessages#">


                This is the error I receive:


                Could not connect to the exchange server with the credentials. 
                Exchange Server doesn't support the requested version.  


                I have verified that I can log into the OWA with the credentials used in <cfexchangeConnection>, at the fqdn address, and using https.

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                  PaulNibin Community Member



                  Could you try accessing the EWS wsdl in the browser?




                  Provide the username and password in the pop up box and share me the wsdl. I will check it.




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                    M.Cummins Community Member

                    I can't provide you with a username and password, but I believe I can share the <wsdl>


                    I've saved a copy of it here.


                    Please let me know if that was a poor decision to post.  I didn't see anything sensitive in there.


                    Thank you all for your time and assistance.

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                      PaulNibin Community Member



                      I dont need the username/password.


                      This is the EWS WSDL. This will be available with all the exchange servers. There are no sensitive informations in it. This contains the details about the operations that you can do on exchange server using EWS. These details are already publically available in MSDN library.


                      Also if you could get me the exception stack traces from the exception.log, it would be more helpful.