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    JBIG2 files open only after 'rebuilding'....


      I use a third party app to generate PDF files using JBIG2 compression. I notice unusual behavior in Adobe Acrobat 8 Standard that does not occur in 9 or 10 (Std or Pro).


      When v8 opens these files, it performs a "Rebuilding" process before the file is opened and displayed. This, in turn, causes the file to be altered and subjects the user to selecting if they want to save the changes before closing the file. These files are generated as image-only. If these same files are created without the JBIG2 compression, this prompt is not displayed and no save before close prompt is displayed. This leads me to believe that Adobe 8 performs some type of conversion in order to "understand" the file.


      Can someone help me understand what this "rebuilding" is doing and why it only happens in v8?