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    swf with flv video


      Hi all


      I have a small problem with a swf which I have designed that contains two flv videos. When I export the indesign file out to a swf and then open the file using adobe flah player, go to full screen, and then navigate to the page which contains the flv video - the page is no longer centred it goes to the right corner and page is no longer full screen. If i navigate to all the other pages before going to the page containing  the videos the file stays in the middle and in full page screen. Any idas what I m doing wrong?





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          Petteri_Paananen Level 4

          Indesign writes by default a fullscreen.takeover = true parameter to every SWF exported from there. That causes the behaviour you described. Only work around I have found is to use Flash Professional and create a new file there, import FLV and set that parameter to false and export it as SWF and place that SWF to InDesign. If you have audio track used in your video, you still have a problem with sound - it will keep on playing when user exits the page. That can be solved by placing a special "audio killer" to the next and previous pages of every video page ... or maybe rather to every page if you have links to other pages...


          Here you can find some instructions and supporting files for doing that. Instructions are made for eDocker users but you can use them also without eDocker.



          Open Bugs&Fixes tab and scroll down to second item FullScreen view does not work properly if videos have been used

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            pwb444 Level 1

            Thanks Petteri for your comment