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    Adobe Flash: Playing a video

    Sam*maS Level 1



      My question has two parts.


      So first, I wanted to make a flash file where when an image is clicked, a video starts playing. Here is my code.(explode is the video, bomb is the button)


      explode.visible = false;


      bomb.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, fl_MouseClickHandler);



      function fl_MouseClickHandler(event:MouseEvent):void

      {explode.visible = true;






      So it is almost going well. When I click the button, the video shows up. The problem is that when it appears, it is already playing. So if I click after 11 seconds, it is already 11 seconds in the video. How do I fix this?




      The second part of my question is that when I put the flash file on a website, it doesn't work at all. Clicking has no effect. How do I fix this?


      Thanks, an answer to either part or both would be fine.