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    CQ 5.5


      Hi, CQ 5.5 download is taking me to the Adobe Licensing Link (LWS). Do we need to go through licensing to download even the developer edition of the software? Please let me know.



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          My understanding is that you must have a license even when running development instances


          I haven't tried 5.5 yet, but with 5.4 you need to either enter the license key when starting up CQ or have a license file


          Hope that helps...

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            nilgupta Level 1



            Thanks for the response. Yes, we have been working on CD 5.4 but we need to upgrade to CQ 5.5 for our Client project. Our Client has an account with Adobe Licensing. Could you please let me know the right resource to download the CQ 5.5 software and the applicable developer license?








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              Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

              Moving this discussion to the CQ5 forum.

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                nilgupta Level 1

                Hi. Do we need a DayCare account to downlaod CQ 5.5?