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    enhancing catalyst output for web - deeplinking (SWFaddress & HTML) help!


      I have used Catalyst CS5 to create a gallery-type website with 7 "states" with numerous components and smoothed transitions between. I am now trying to develop the site to the next level (defining unique URLs to states and adding metatags to HTML etc).


      I've used Catalyst as I previously had no knowldge of web-design/code and wanted to use a familiar interface. Perhaps this is a limitation but is there a fool-proof method for "deeplinking" each of my states i.e. "home", "contact" to produce unique URL's with the /home and /contact extention?


      I've scoured the web and SWFaddress (a javascript file) seems to be the way forward and I can folow all the tutorials to the point of changing the HTML to include the script BUT there very little on this that helps specifically with Catalyst xml output. I have a load of interactions and my xml created by catalyst seems to be different to the flash created xmls in the tutorials. I anticipate having to change my site content in the future so I don't want to have to spend ages ammending xml code. Is there a known, foolproof method of doing this?


      Also, any other tips/tutorials or experience from people who are in a similar position or have developed their own website further from the catalyst output - would love to hear your thoughts or advice.


      Thanks all - Tom