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    Can't change time-display units in timeline, how come?




      I have got a project with several timelines and many clips (which are all conversions for 8mm films).

      The clips are all ProRes at either 720p/23.976 fps or 1080p/29.94 fps (two different places did the conversions for me and each had their own workflows)

      I have made separate 720p/23.976fps and 1080p/29.94fps timelines and done my best to keep the formats seperate.


      Within my 720p/24fps timeline (that I created by dragging a clip to the "New Item" icon) if I right-click the time in the upper left-hand corner of the sequence timeline I can choose between:

         24fps Timecode

         30 fps Non Drop-frame Timecode

         Feet & frames 16mm

         Feet & frames 35mm



      Within my 1080p/29.94fps Timeline my only option is "Frames" (either by right-clicking the time or via Sequence Settings)

      Anyone have idea what I'm doing wrong?  It's just way easier for my brain to work with time..



      Thanks for any and all advice !!



      Here is a screen capture