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    DVD Menu distorted on playback and finished copy


      The last several projects I have worked on in Premiere Elements 9 seem to have an issue with the DVD Menu being distorted on preview and playback as well as when I burn them to DVD .  I noticed it several months ago on a short 20 minute video.  The DVD Menu was distorted, fuzzy and the titles were barely legible.  The video itself was just fine.  It was a standard play DVD … nothing special. 


      On the next project with the above in mind, I checked the Project Settings and all looked as it should.  I started editing and noticed playback was different when viewing clips in the timeline.  While playing the clip, the video and graphics looked fuzzy until I stopped the playback.  Then the image instantly sharpened and looked as good as I expected.  I continued editing assuming I never noticed the difference in this before.  I am still not sure whether this problem is related to the DVD Menu or not.  Anyway, I created the DVD menu and AGAIN, the DVD Menu looked fine until it is previewed or played back.  I even burned a copy to disc and the DVD Menu still looks as distorted and unclear as it does in the preview window.   


      This is the DVD Menu and honestly it looks worse than this screen shot improves upon it.

      I would appreciate if anyone can provide some guidance on what the project settings should be or maybe the playback settings.  I am using a PC with a 64-bit processor with Win 7 O/S and 4 GB of RAM.  

      If there are any other questions I need to answer, please ask them and I will provide a response as soon as possible. 


      Thanks again for any assistance provided.