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    Flash Builder 4 and Flex Mobile


      I've started a Udemy course on Building Mobile Projects in Flash, and late last year I bought CS5 Master Suite with Flash Builder 4. Now I'm halfway through the course and was instructed to open a "New Mobile Project" in Flex, and didn't have this option.


      After a bit of research it became clear I need Flash Builder 4.6. The course didn't specify this, which is extremely annoying, seeing as I've coughed up a not insubstantial amount of money for the software. Can anyone tell me what my options are here? I'm reluctant to part with more cash just to upgrade to yet another version of Flash Builder.

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          You can still build apps with the AIR sdk using the command-line. One thing you lose by not upgrading to FB 4.6 is the new mobile framework in Flex, along with easier build/debug options. In my opinion it really is beneficial to upgrade. You will find it much simpler to test your apps and deploy them for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry.


          Again, you can do everything with the free AIR sdk, including the new AIR 3.1 features like captive runtime, etc, it just won't be integrated into Flash Builder 4. Ant scripts are another way to automate the build process, and FB 4 has a streamlined Ant integration.