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    Exporting jpe files trough pdf

    carcleo Level 1

      I would like of to export a jpg file from of a pdf file.



      Therefore, i would like the dimentions of jpg file be customised.



      Kind: 1000px X 800px.



      Have anyway of to do this?



      Thank for all!    

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          Bill@VT Level 7

          Acrobat is not a graphics tool. The JPegs are generally stored within the PDF container. They can be extracted with "export all Images," typically found in a dcoument processing menu. An alternative is to save the PDF as a JPeg that will save each page to a JPeg. I suspect the export all images is what you want.

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            Simple way, save the pdf as an image file, convert the size using a image resizing tool in Photoshop (file / save for the web), I use a free program instead, much easier than PS; "Image Resizer for Windows" (google it). Acrobat X is a step back from Acrobat 9 (which is a better program in my view and I use it on my laptop) in some cases.  The designer(s) are not users!  The regression continues with XI.