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    When Flash Builder 4.6 for PHP is released will it support AIR 3.2 ???

    plasmaphonic Level 1

      We've all been waiting a long time since last November's Private Beta of Flash Builder 4.6 which was released shortly thereafter, for the Flash Builder 4.6 for PHP version.


      However, Flash Builder 4.6 for PHP (The one with Zend Studio included in it) is scheduled for 2012 - Q1 release, meaning?


      I guess, at the latest March 31st.


      This is significant, because AIR 3.2 is Great, but it will Live or Die based on what happens, I believe, in the next year, the new demo with the 2 geniuses at Adobe, Lee Brimelow and Thibault Imbert, which essentially ARE the driving intellectual force behind AIR, make me feel more comfortable than the management at Adobe,


      http://tv.adobe.com/watch/adc-presents/hardware-accelerated-graphics-for-mobile-games-with -adobe-air-32/


      So, when FB 4.6 for PHP is released, will it support AIR 3.2?


      There's another thing, there are a ton of job offerings for iOS 5 or Android Java, but no AIR (very few and the damage control fromthe eff'ed up press release is still meandering).


      Adobe needs to compliment its consumer base and developer base, with a Developer Network for Corporate integration so there are contracts out there for us who live between our dream ideas and meals, by doing contracting work, and it'd be nice to do it in Flash Builder 4.6 instead of taking on an iOS 5 or Android Java or PhoneGap project.  At least for Gamers.


      REPORTS: Social Gaming will be a $5B industry by 2015. The total mobile market will be a $15B industry by 2015.


      I'm shooting for the Social Gaming, and I like what I see in the above video.


      But again, people have to pay bills, why doesn't Adobe reach our to Corporations for certified developers like Mickysoft and Apple?