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    Variables in WebHelp

      Using RH 7, I'm generating a WebHelp project that relies heavily on user-defined variables. The variables are defined in the project, but the finished product reads that they are not defined. Any idea how to remedy this?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Welcome to the forum.

          Is this your first go with variables or have you got them working OK in other projects.

          If it is your first attempt, on the RH7 Start Page, click Open and you will see Samples on the left. Open one of the sample projects and take a look there.

          Also see Craig Clarke's article on the subject.


          Come back if that doesn't help.

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            el_dano Level 1
            This is my first project that uses variables. I have looked at the sample projects, as well as documentation about using the variables. In fact, when I generate HTML help, the variables are properly defined. But the error occurs when I generate the WebHelp output.
            Other factors:
            The project was initially an RH 5 topic that I imported before I stared adding variables. (I don't know if that's a factor). Our company is using 14 copies of RH 5. This project is meant to be the flagship for a variable-based doc model (which would justify upgrades), so I'm hoping I can get this resolved. Thanks again for your time.
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              Hi El dano,

              When you generate the webhelp project from single source layouts, properties windows are displayed.
              You see the page Webhelp General - Webhelp?

              Please can you tell me what you see when you click on the Edit button next to variables?

              If you are happy to send me the project, I'm happy to take a look for you and investigate. Drop me a line or send the zip file. You can contact me via my site www.helpsolutions.co.uk.

              Am I correct in thinking that you are only getting issues with this one project? What happens if you create webhelp output from one of the samples?

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                el_dano Level 1
                Hi Craig,
                Thanks for your help. Weirdest thing: the problem didn't happen this time. I generated WebHelp four or five times last week with the same problem, and today it worked fine. So I've got that checked off my list. Next problem: DHTML. But I'll post that in the appropriate topic. Thanks!
                el Dano