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    Problems with the update of Folio Panel & Folio Producer


      Hey there,

      today i had a very important meeting and created a Mini Magazine which I wanted to show on the iPad.

      As I already know how it works and did this several times I wondered when InDesign asked me to do an Update for the Folio Panel.

      If I wanted or not, if i wouldn´t do this update it wouldn´t allow me to upload my .folio to the Adobe Server.


      Okay, so I downloaded the two Upgrade .zip files from Adobe and they don´t work! Everytime I get the error message "Initialisation failed"


      So I had to update the PC of my collegue (where it worked) and uploaded the .folio to the server.

      When I now go into the Adobe Vierwer App on my iPad it loads my project, but tells me that the App has to be updated.

      But IT IS UP TO DATE!!! Checked it via AppStore Updates, deleted the App from the iPad, loaded and installed it new...

      It tells me everytime there´s a need for updating (in order to view the project).


      Please has somebody the same problem?

      I guess it´s a problem of the Adobe App...(maybe bevause the Software is updated and the App not, don´t know).


      I´m very angry after all this problems i have to go to my meeting without the whole work i did... just because of that silly error!