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    How to use oJavaScript parameter in SubmitForm method?

    Xiarea Level 1



      I have some difficulties to use the oJavaScript parameter in the submitForm method of document object.


      What I want to do is having a program filling some fields of my form from data the user write in some other fields.

      Then the updated fields will also send a request to get more information from the result of the first request.


      The process works on version 9.x and 8.x of Acrobat, but not for version 7.


      Therefore, I would like to know exactly what happens and add some alert messages, just as it's explained in Acrobat JavaScrit Scripting Reference. Here is what I do :



                      cURL : "http://" + this.getField("serveur").value + "/cgi-bin/acrobat/reqldap#FDF",
                      cSubmitAs :"FDF",
                      bEmpty : false,
                      aFields : tab_champs_requete_infos_LDAP_responsable,
                      oJavaScript : {Before :'app.alert("Start")',
                                           After : 'app.alert("done")'}                


      But even if the script reqldap is succefully executed, I get no alert message...


      I hope someone can explain me why...