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    Interactive PDF buttons and default outlines


      I'm trying to make a straight forward ebook in Indesign cs5.5 for a touch screen, consisting of a series of images. The only functionality it needs to have for now is browsing up and down.


      I made two big rectangular buttons with opacity set to 0%, 1/3 of the from the right of the screen = next, 1/3 from the left of the screen = previous page.


      All works, but now there's this ugly default dashed line that pops up every time you tap one of the buttons. I can't find anything on this topic, but surely there must be a way to hide this? It's weird to have this dotted line overuling my designed rollover states.


      Flash does not suffer from this default button outline, but I would prefer to make a pdf out of it. Any suggestions?



      Example of the outline on a mouse click on a Windows Vista machine with Acrobat X or if opened in a browser. (In Safari on OSX I see a grey transprarent rectangle instead of the dashed line).