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    Bcc Email button

    NortelT Level 1

      This is the code that I have set up now:  


      : "mailto: Katerina.Aburn.ctt@mda.mil,SPPCOHVVITSupportTeam@mda.mil;?bcc=Doe.Loe.ctt@mda.mil;&subject ="+sub+"&body="+ebody,cSubmitAs:"PDF",cCharset:



      In Outlook the following show


      To Line: Katerina Aburn

      CC Line: SPPCOHVVITSupportTeam

      Bcc Line: Nothing shows - what am I doing wrong?



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          dohanlon Level 3

          Tried something similar since yours looks like it is cut off and it worked correctly. I did notice (and its the default behaviour on most email clients i think) is that the bcc line isnt shown be default. In the email client make sure you have display bcc set.


              cURL: "mailto: Katerina.Aburn.ctt@mda.mil,SPPCOHVVITSupportTeam@mda.mil;?bcc=Doe.Loe. ctt@mda.mil;&subject=123&body=12345",
              bEmpty: true,
              cSubmitAs: "PDF",
              cCharset: "utf-8"


          Also the CC line wouldnt display since its not set in your example. You have 2 in the To line and one bcc, so you code should probably be


          cURL: "mailto: Katerina.Aburn.ctt@mda.mil;?cc=SPPCOHVVITSupportTeam@mda.mil;&bcc=Doe.Loe. ctt@mda.mil;&subject="+sub+"&body="+body,
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            NortelT Level 1

            Thanks so much, it worked!