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    Pass inserted record to another page

    pabirds Level 1

      I have a registration form that uses Insert Record to add it to my database.


      After pressing Insert record, I want it to go to another page where it displays that same data (along with a UserID that is generated by the database).


      I cannot figure out how to do this. I tried saving the LastName, etc. to session variables and then looking up the record based on those variables, but I can't even get one of the session variables to display on a test page.


      How can I store this data to session variables when I hit Insert Record?


      For instance, I tried inserting this code on the Registration page:


      $_SESSION['sessLastName'] = $_POST['LASTNAME'];


      But when I drag sessLastName onto the following page and then run it, nothing shows up. (And yes, I have a Session Start command on both pages)


      I have been able to send session variables to a following page when using User Authentication behaviors, but I cannot seem to get it to work when using an Insert Record form.


      Any help would be appreciated.