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      I elaborated  a flash cd with connection to the server, the problem is:

      Sometimes the content takes time to load, is there any way to around this?

      Like first load the data and then display





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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It's not clear what you have done, but if there is a server involved, there can be a delay. 

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            armandix Level 1

            For example Ned,

            I call an external swf, it is connected to the server,

            Sometimes the information does not load, I use this code to  connect to the php:



            System.useCodepage = true;

            var arquivo:XML = new XML();


            arquivo.ignoreWhite = true;

            arquivo.onLoad = function() {

                      var mcl:MovieClipLoader = new MovieClipLoader();

                                          var redimensiona:Object = new Object();


                                          mcl.loadClip(this.childNodes[0].childNodes[0].attributes.imagem, clipe);

                                          redimensiona.onLoadInit = function(mc:MovieClip) {

                                                     mc._width = 350;

                                                     mc._height = 460;


                      empre.text = this.childNodes[0].childNodes[1].attributes.empresa;


            var my_empresa:TextFormat = new TextFormat();

            my_empresa.letterSpacing = 1;