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    Open in Compare Editor -- over a minute of CPU time

    x77686d Level 1
      I've got a 947-line MXML file that seems to require over a minute of CPU time to "Open in Compare Editor".

      Specifically, I'm using Flex Builder 3 as an Eclipse 3.3.2 plug-in with Subclipse 1.2.4. If I synchronize with repository that runs in a few seconds. If I then try to view the diff for the file in question (main.mxml), the CPU goes to 100% and eclipse.exe piles up about 1:19 of CPU time.

      I tried a few experiments with chopping out parts of the file. Here are times to Open in Compare Editor single-line diffs with only the first N lines of the file in question:

      400 lines: 56 seconds
      200 lines: 15 seconds
      150 lines: 4 seconds
      100 lines: instantaneous

      Executive summary: OUCH!