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    Is LR4 escaping urls in LrHTTP, or is it Mac?

    Kyle Lexmond

      I'm a bit confused right now... I've got my plugin automatically updating itself, and as part of the update process, it sends back (fairly) anonymous usage information about Lightroom, my plugin, and the architecture it's installed on. A Lua table is formed, and I'm using Jeffery Friedl's JSON library to convert it to JSON to be sent. (You can see the relevant function here. I've put my entire plugin on GitHub.)


      Now, I'm developing with Lightroom 3.6 on Windows 7, and what shows up in my access logs is prefectly normal: "POST /update.php?plugin=net.kyl191.lightroom.export.stash&data={\"arch\":\"x64\",\"hash\":\"c1 5afa6e38fe2b4dce5c134017ce42c9\",\"lightroomVersion\":{\"build\":795620,\"major\":3,\"mino r\":6,\"publicBeta\":false,\"revision\":0},\"os\":\"Windows%207%20Business%20Edition\",\"p luginVersion\":{\"major\":20120312,\"minor\":306,\"revision\":43876762}} HTTP/1.1" 200 630 "-" "Adobe Photoshop Lightroom"


      However, Lightroom 4 on OS X 10.7.3 (presumably), I get this: "POST /update.php?plugin=net.kyl191.lightroom.export.stash&data=%7B%22arch%22:%22x64%22,%22hash %22:%22795ec847d318dea3b3ab69fb2c02b2e4%22,%22lightroomVersion%22:%7B%22build%22:814577,%2 2major%22:4,%22minor%22:0,%22publicBeta%22:false,%22revision%22:0%7D,%22os%22:%2210.7.3%22 ,%22pluginVersion%22:%7B%22major%22:20120312,%22minor%22:306,%22revision%22:43876762%7D%7D HTTP/1.1" 200 630 "-" "Lightroom/4.0 CFNetwork/520.3.2 Darwin/11.3.0 (x86_64) (iMac11%2C3)"


      I'm just not sure if it's Lightroom 4 doing the escaping, or if it's the fact that Lightroom's running on a Mac. (The User Agent is quite different, but again, don't know if that's LR4 or Mac.)