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    Annoying Bug in Premiere -- Suggestions?

    Toomany3 Level 1

      This seems to pop up in my projects every few weeks.  Premiere will freak out about a certain footage file on my local drive (R:).  The footage is either from a Sony EX1R or Canon DSLR. It says the file's corrupt or has no audio/video streams.  Then it tries to relink it to my mirrored network drive I use for backup. 




      It reads the network copy perfectly fine. So, I delete the local file thinking that it did in fact get corrupt somehow and then copy over the "clean" version from my network drive that I KNOW Premiere likes and can read.  Once it's on my local drive, it says it's unusable again.  It's the exact same copy it liked just a few seconds ago, but now on a different drive.


      Lest you think it REALLY is corrupted, all I have to do to make Premiere like the local footage file is simply rename it. 



      Once I rename it, Premiere can magically read it again.




      This only happens on about 5 out of 250 clips. All the rest are perfectly fine. 


      Any suggestions on how to fix this?