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    After Effects CS5.5 - Lion: Crash on splash screen EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGABRT)

    evan.bovie Level 1

      So one day, out of the blue, After Effects stops wanting to open. The worst part is, I can't think of any changes that would have caused this.


      I am running After Effects CS5.5 (10.5.1) on my MacBook Pro 13" (Early 2011), which is running Mac OSX Lion. Here is my system profile (with some sections omitted).


      Just a few weeks ago, I began to consistently receive this message during the AE splash screen:

      After Effects Alert


      Last log message was: <140735295236448> <ASL.ResourceUtils.GetLanguageIDFromRegistry> <0> Unable to obtain the User 'Language' registry key at: Software\Adobe\After Effects\10.5.1\ Defaulting to 'en_US'.

      Here is a crash log.


      Any ideas?


      First attempt


      I figured maybe I had a bad preference file, so I cleared my prefs. Nothing changed aside from a modified error message:

      After Effects Alert


      Last log message was: <140735295236448> <DynamicLink> <5> 0x114ee8418

      And a crash log.


      Also, if I try opening AE again, after I cleared my prefs and opened it once, the error message returns to the "registry key" alert.


      Second, third, fourth attempt


      So I uninstalled and reinstalled After Effects about 3 times. No change. I used the latest download from Adobe, and the original Master Collection image: no difference.


      Fifth attempt


      I created a second admin account to see if this was an isolated issue. It isn't; same problem.


      Sixth attempt


      I thought about QuickTime, so I opened up System Prefs, and uninstalled Perian. I left the prefpane there though.

      Also, I have the latest version of Java.


      Seventh attempt (Added 19 March 2012)


      I used the Adobe Creative Suite Cleaner Tool to wipe out my entire Adobe installation. I still have the same problem after a reinstall. I'm going to try installing AE on my external drive next. This is really frustrating. Has anyone experienced this issue and found a resolution?




      Interestingly enough, all of the other Abobe CS5.5 apps I installed work fine:

      • Bridge
      • Photoshop
      • Illustrator
      • InDesign
      • Premiere Pro
      • OnLocation
      • Extension Manager


      Added 1:54PM, 13 March 2012:

      Also, opening up the render engine causes the same error message.