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    Why won't Premiere Elements 8 launch on windows 7?


      I have installed photoshop and premiere elements 8 onto my new computer from the original disks that I purchased a few years ago.  Photoshop launches fine.  Element, however, goes into the welcome screen and all looks well...that is until I try to launch 'New Project' or even 'Organize' or 'Open Project'..I click the icon, it seems busy for about 20 seconds, then simply goes back to the welcome screen.  The program will not open..period!.. I have made sure the video driver is up to date, that Quick Time is up to date, I installed the update from the Adobe website to 8.1, even tried reinstalling the program..still nothing.. My kids rock band is coming out tonight to start their music video, and I am not ready to rock n roll over here...HELP!!!  ANY SUGGESTIONS?........

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I'd recommend you first run a Deep Care tune-up with Advanced SystemCare Free.



          Then I recommend you manually go to Windows Update and ensure you have even the non-critical updates (which can include some important driver updates).


          Then I'd recommend you go to the ATI or nVidia web site and download the latest drivers for your graphics card. (Did you get your update from one of those sites?)

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Welcome to the forum.


            This ARTICLE offers a checklist of things to do, to get PrE to run most smoothly, then goes into several links on tuning up one's computer and their OS, and finally has links on troubleshooting, which rather work up in "degree of difficulty."


            Also, you state that your audio and video drivers are up to date. Did you check on the mfgr's. Web sites, and compare their latest drivers with those that you have installed? If not, that would be my very first step. If one relies on Windows, or any utility to tell if they have the latest drivers, they will likely be at least 6 mos. out of date. Same with a new computer - the drivers will likely be 6 mos, or more, out of date. One needs to go to each mfgr's. Web site and check.


            Also, if there are Audio editing programs on the computer, see this ARTICLE for some possibilities.


            Good luck, and if nothing is helpful, then please list the full specs. of your computer.