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    Problems with epub cross refs


      I'm using C5.5 on a mac. I have a manuscript that has anchored frames for grouped figure and figure title. When I cross ref to a figure title, it is set to show "Figure 3.2" in the text (the number counts with each figure title). I have done this because I have a published version of the book.


      When I export to epub and view on an iPad, the cross ref numbers are correct but the cross refs to the figure titles are not active -- I can't touch it and be transported to the figure.


      However, I note that if I set a paragraph, that is not inside an anchored frame, to be of type "figure title", then a cross ref to it is active in the html and on the iPad.


      Is it impossible to have an active cross reference to a paragraph inside an anchored frame? Or have I missed something?


      Thanks for any insight