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    Don't see Adobe Presenter tab in PowerPoint


      Hello -

      I had Presenter 7.0.7 installed and working and then has an issue with PowerPoint and it crashed. When reopening I got that message that asks if you want to disable the Add-in due to serious issues and I accidently clicked Yes. I tried reinstalling but the Adobe Presenter tab does not show in PowerPoint. How can I enable again after accidently disabling?





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          KMahon Level 1

          I saw another question and got my answer. I had to do a combination of the solutions as follows:


          1. Click on Microsoft Office button.
          2. Click PowerPoint options
          3. Click Add-ins --Look for the Adobe Presenter PowerPoint COM Addin.  It will be most likely located in hte Disabled Application Add Ins.
          4. From the Manage menu, select Disabled Items.
          5. Click Go.
          6. Select Adobe Presenter PowerPoint COM Addin
          7. Click Enable
          8. Click the Manage menu, select COM Add-ins, and then click Go
          9. If it is not checked , check it and then launch PowerPoint again .