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    Massive amount of dropped frames issue in CS5


      Hi all,


      My system consists of Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

      Intel i7 930 cpu

      12gb 1600mhz memory

      Nvidia GTX 470


      I'm capturing footage through firewire and just started having this issue yesterday where 500+ frames are being dropped over the course of just a few minutes.  Been using this same setup for a long time now and never have a dropped frames issue.  So as far as software settings go, I don't think there is anything I can change that would make a difference since no new software or hardware has been installed, except of course any updates from Adobe.


      I don't run virus software

      Windows Indexing has always been off

      About 40-50 active processes


      I also tried capturing through On Location and still get the massive amount of dropped frames.  I'm thinking I just need to start fresh and reinstall windows but obviously that's the last resort.

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          Jim Curtis Level 3

          Based on the info you provided, it may a hardware malfunction.  Have you tested your drives, RAM, etc?  Can you try your camera or deck on another system?  Search and destroy.

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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            How many hard drives... how much space on each drive... and to which drive are you capturing?

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              Hydrilus Level 1

              Thanks for those suggestions Jim.


              As I read your post and also re-read mine, I remembered that I had recently let Windows install updates, so I did a system restore and everything is working fine again!


              For anyone else that may be having this issue, here is a screen shot of the updates I once again had available to me after the restore:




              I'm not sure which update was the culprit...maybe the "ActiveX Killbits" one?  I didn't go into reading what each one did, but everything is perfect again with ZERO dropped frames.


              I've always had problems in the past when installing Windows updates, so I pretty much never do it any more unless it is absolutely necessary...  This one time though, i suppose I broke my rule when I updated this machine and of course it caused problems.  I won't be updating again, lol.

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                Hydrilus Level 1

                Well I spoke too soon.


                Went to capture today and it's getting dropped frames again, though not nearly as much as before.  It drops 1 frame about every 3 seconds or so.


                So, Jim and John, to answer your questions, initially I had tried recording to different hard drives since I have 3 internal and was still getting dropped frames (at the same speed).  The main drive I was trying to capture to is a 1TB drive with over 600gigs free on it.  I tried recording to the system drive which is a 640gig hd with plenty of space and still got dropped frames.


                Memtest didn't give me any memory issues.


                I don't have another deck I can use at the moment to capture through...  Basically I have multiple videos sources going through different pieces of equipment, ultimately being fed into this deck, which is only there to provide the firewire connection to my computer.

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                  Jim Curtis Level 3

                  Conventional wisdom is to NOT capture to your boot drive.


                  The thing that caught my attention on your OP is that it was working, then not.  That usually points to something you installed, or something that became damaged or broken, or some setting that got changed about the time your trouble started.


                  Any format you capture via firewire is a low bit-rate format, and so a single 7200 drive shouldn't have a problem keeping up.  I presume you're capturing to something pretty compressed, yes?  What codec are you capturing to?

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                    Harm Millaard Level 7

                    Indexing, compression, anti-anything are all turned off. Sidebar, MSN, iTunes and similar crap removed permanently. System is tuned. Disks are defragged.


                    If yes to all the above, then give more details with for instance DXDIAG.