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    Gapper / Snipper could make editing a breeze?

    cliffclof Level 1



      I'm interested in making my workflow go much quicker.   Thinking about it in terms of cutting there would be a pretty large benefit to certain types of productions if there was a plugin or tool in premiere that worked similar to a Gapper / Snipper tool in audio editing.  Let me Explain:


      Any clip or number of clips can be placed on the timeline where the clips are cut based upon audio amplitude.  Like a Gapper/Snipper effect in audio editing any part of a clip with audio below a certain level would be removed and the video along with it.  This, (||||.....|||..||..||..||||.) would become this, (|||||||||||||||) automatically cut.   From that point on you can go through the footage manually and refine it and remove the cut clips with audio that are useless.



      If there is something like this, please let me know.